Entity Framework Extensions PreBulkDelete


The PreBulkDelete event is raised as soon as the BulkDelete method is called and no configuration or anything else is done before. It allows you to set some global configuration for BulkDelete.


The following example deletes softly the list of customers by updating the IsDeleted to true and clear the list.

EntityFrameworkManager.PreBulkDelete = (ctx, obj) => 
    var list = obj as IEnumerable<Customer>;

    foreach (var customer in list)
        customer.IsDeleted = true;



Try it in EF Core | Try it in EF6

  • In the PreBulkDelete event, the IsDeleted to true and clear the obj (list of customers).
  • So, that BulkDelete doesn't delete these datas from the database permanently.

Last updated: 2023-03-01