Entity Framework Extensions FAQ - License

Developer Seat

What's a developer seat?

A developer seat is a developer working for your company and developing code directly with our product.

You don't have to purchase developer seat for front-end developer or back-end developer which doesn't use our product API.

Since you buy developer seats, you can develop an unlimited amount of projects within your company.

What's the cost for additional developer seats?

The cost for additional developer seats is usually extremely low. We want to make sure our library is accessible for small and large company.

Are developer seats transferable?

Yes, a developer seat can be transferred to any employee within your company.

Perpertual License

What's a perpetual license?

A perpetual license allows you to use the licensed product indefinitely.

Even when my Support & Upgrade is expired?


Support & Upgdrade

My support & upgrade period is expired! What will happen?

Don't worry. Your product keeps on working forever!

You can still download and use any version released before the support & upgrade expiration date.

You will need to renew your license to use version released after the support & upgrade expiration date.

How do I renew my License?

We usually start to send renewal mails two months before the support & upgrade expiry date.

If you didn't receive such email, you could contact us directly: info@zzzprojects.com

Can I have a renewal discount?

We provide a 25% discount to early renewal. Anyone renewing before the support & upgrade expiration date automatically gets a renewal discount.

I'm too late for early renewal discount! What can I do?

If you are few days late, we still provide early renewal discount.

However, if you have few months late, you will need to purchase the library again.

The best way to find out if you still have access to early renewal discount is by contacting us: info@zzzprojects.com

Why should I renew?

Renewing your support & upgrade gives the following benefits:

  • Major version releases and new product features
  • Fast support by mail
  • Protection against price increases during the maintenance term

Royalty Free

Can I install Entity Framework Extensions on Client Machine?

Yes, the product is royalty free.

That means, you paid for developer seat, but customers using your product don't have to pay us.

Is Entity Framework Extensions Royalty Free?

Yes, the product is royalty free.

This mean, you can develop a project and install it on thousands of clients.

You paid for developer seat within your company.

Some standard royalty free limitations:

  • You can't sell a similar product and claim it's yours.
  • If your customer has access to your source code and develops using our API, they will have to purchase a license.